New T-Series And Container Trailer

Everything New In’s 0.31 Update

0.31 has landed in, bringing with it a whole host of new additions and changes. From vehicle overhauls, to map expansion improvements. Here’s everything you need to know to get up to speed with 0.31.

New Docks Layout on West Coast USA

Gavril T-Series Remaster

One of the title’s longest-standing vehicles, the Gavril T-Series has finally received a welcomed extensive overhaul. Some may even say, a total re-release. With a full rework of the original T-Series and a brand new variant entirely added, it’s safe to say that here at OverTake, we are already big fans!

Key changes to everyone’s favourite trailer towing workhorse include a brand new cabover variant, a remodel of the standard cab and its mechanical components, complemented by a stylish new aerodynamic sleeper variant, tanker upfit and, most excitingly, new walking beam tandem rear suspension.

Smaller changes to the T-Series also include a new animation for Pneumatic elements, such as the dumper bed. Compression brake support has also been added. One final element that the T-Series has been blessed with is the hotly anticipated physical mirror implementation. This feature is currently only available on the T-Series truck, but will inevitably make its way to other vehicles in the not-too-distant future.

New Trailers & Loads

Alongside the remastered T-Series come two new trailers. The container trailer and the frameless dump trailer. Alongside these new additions is a brand new trailer converter dolley allowing, for the first time, the ability to form land trains. Adjustable frame lengths and working locking pins also feature on these new trailers, further cementing BeamNG as a contender to being the king of trucking heading into 2024.

Adjustments to the pre-existing trailers are also in full effect as of 0.31. New 28ft and 53ft variants for the dryvan trailer, as well as a 20ft variant for the tanker trailer, have been added. smaller quality-of-life improvements to the trailer’s behaviour on the road have also been made to accompany the 0.31 update.

Cargo Load Box. Image Credit:

The final addition to this section of the 0.31 update is the anticipated arrival of the ‘Cargo Load Box’. this piece of equipment is essentially a weight-adjustable box with ratchet straps. It can be attached to the majority of vehicles in the game and comes in a wide variety of capacity variants. whether you put it in the boot or on the roof, the load box is a very welcomed addition to 0.31.

West Coast USA – Map Expansion

To nobody’s surprise, West Coast USA gets another expansion in 0.31. If you have not been keeping up with BeamNG news, West Coast USA is the map that will be used for the title’s career mode in the future. Find out more about the career mode here.


  • Improved the Docks location with a new layout and container structure
  • Modernised Trilobite Fuel Station
  • Drastically Improved the Police station with a modelled interior, suggesting career mode usage in the future. New underground parking complex included.
  • Remodelled Shipping Storage Area underneath the highway,

New Additions

  • New Location on Spearleaf Island: Tyrannos Fuel Station
  • New Commercial Garage Location for Trucks and Vans

Experimental VR Improvements

With the inclusion of VR within BeamNG being a fairly recent addition, fans have been giving feedback and arranging a list of improvements for future updates. Well, some major ones have already been addressed. Most notably, the option to scale the resolution of the headset. the camera position bug has been addressed alongside the VRAM memory leak when modifying graphics settings within the game.

Vehicle triggers, such as boot lids and door handles, are not accessible with your VR controllers from a short distance away. Before the update, you would have to be right next to the trigger for it to show. Check out the official VR documentation page for more information on this experimental feature.

General Improvements and Fixes

Fixes to vehicles are always top of players’ lists when it comes to these major updates. The development team have certainly listened and added improvements for :

  • Civetta Bolide
  • Gavril H-Series
  • ETK I-Series
  • Autobello Piccolina
  • Gavril Bluebuck
  • Cherrier Vivace
  • Gavril Roamer
  • Many Other Small Changes
Remastered Pre-Facelift T-Series Dumper

Whilst not groundbreaking, all of these individual small changes add up to a much more streamlined experience with your favourite vehicles.

The I key bind has been wiped in favour of using just the R bind to free up as many keys as possible. The ALT+R and ALT+SHIFT+R bindings have received the same treatment.

AI traffic’s lane awareness has also seen a significant improvement, with dedicated traffic planning now enabled. Whilst a small change, it makes the AI more predictable and much more realistic in that they won’t veer off the highway suddenly and then rejoin at the next possible point.

Known Issues

Following the release of the latest 0.31 update, there is a list of known issues. You can expect several small patches to be released between now and the next big update next year addressing a range of these.

Known Issues. Image Credit:

Hopefully you enjoy 0.31 as much as we do!

Let us know how you get on over on X @OverTake_gg or down in the comments below!

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