Does F1 2021 have what it takes to be a racing sim?

F1 2021 Review: Is it a Racing Sim?

F1 2021

Increased realism and the real-world F1 line-ups – but can you call F1 2021 a true simulation?

Photo credit: Codemasters / EA

Games of the F1 series traditionally lean more towards the “simcade” genre than full-fledged simulations – until now, at least. The newest game of the franchise might just turn the tables in the well-known genre debate: F1 2021 presents largely improved force feedback system and depicts Formula 1 racing better than any previous F1 instalment. While it therefore stands a better chance of being categorised as an actual sim, let us take a closer look to see if it could fit in with the likes of ACC and iRacing.

Racing sims – Depicting reality?

The great question of the F1 games’ genre is as old as the franchise itself. Every new release of the series has revived a discussion that, up until now, has always deemed “simulation” the wrong label for the game. Compared to games which are traditionally acknowledged to be sims like Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing, the F1 games have never reached the level of force feedback and connection with the car that would render the experience truly realistic. Adding to this, these simcades offer a wide array of driving assists that somewhat transcend what is really possible.

Admittedly, it doesn’t seem to be Codemasters’ intent to turn F1 2021 into a full-on simulation in the mold of iRacing. However, an argument could be made that hardly any other game succeeds in recreating a real-life racing series as well as the F1 games do. Their seasonal line-ups of drivers, cars and liveries are on point, as are the in-game visuals.

Including these factors into consideration when determining what is and is not a “racing simulation” might stretch the original definition, but they also might do the F1 games more justice. To hear more in detail about the debate surrounding the F1 games’ genre, tune in to our video linked above.

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