F1 2021: Braking Point, Multiplayer Careers, Floor Damage and More

F1 2021: Braking Point, Multiplayer Careers, Floor Damage and More

F1 2021

Juicy new information has just dropped in the F1 2021 beta version. Here are some of the key new features!

Photo credit: Codemasters

Yearly release games, such as the F1 game franchise, aren’t exactly renowned for their major updates from game to game. However, F1 2021 seems primed to buck that trend, with several new innovations being revealed as players and content creators get their hands on the open beta version of the game. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most impactful changes that have been made.

Braking Point

It’s been known for a while that Codemasters and EA were bringing a new story-driven game mode to F1 2021, and that it will be called ‘Braking Point’. More details about this new version of the career mode are now apparent. For instance, it is clear that the inspiration for Braking Point was Netflix’s very successful Drive to Survive series. Therefore, we can expect elements of that show shining through in Braking Point.

Sadly, it seems that Braking Point only makes up for around a five- or six-hour experience, according to the developers. This isn’t a very long time in gaming terms, but it could make the game mode more suitable for a casual audience.

Multiplayer Career Mode

Speaking of career modes, one feature which has been sorely lacking from the F1 series in the past has been the multiplayer career mode. Now, that is lacking no more, as two-player career modes can be played on F1 2021. Players will decide to either be teammates or rivals at the start of the career, and whichever option they choose will remain true throughout.

Research and development, switching teams, and all the other familiar aspects of a single-player career mode will reportedly still be part of the multiplayer career gameplay. A fully detailed, co-operative career mode is no doubt a highly anticipated prospect among fans of the series.

New Damage Model

Yet another major addition to F1 2021 is the new damage model, which makes every angle of an in-game car vulnerable to impact damage. In previous years, only the front wing and wheels could be damaged by crashes, but now rear wings, floors and bargeboards can all suffer from over-zealous contact. As with multiplayer career modes, this is bound to be a fan favourite addition, as the old damage model has been widely criticised by players for years.

More Customisation Options

My Team in F1 2021 was too easy. Acclaim was easy to gain and impossible to lose, and the resource points came flooding in. Now, players will be able to customise the difficulty of their experience, both in My Team and in other game modes. For instance, players can choose to nerf their own resource point gain while buffing that of the AI, making for a much more challenging management experience.

Even when it comes to on-track issues, players can choose to make things harder for themselves. For example, you can set the weather forecasts to be more or less accurate, or you can set the likelihood of a mechanical fault on your car to be higher than usual. All this is great news for players who want to be challenged in ways other than just improving the AI speed, and especially for those who want the most realistic experience possible.

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