This is what F1 2021's story mode looks like

This is what F1 2021’s story mode looks like

F1 2021

With the embargo lifted for F1 2021‘s new story mode, we got to see the first few chapters of Braking Point.

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Our first preview of F1 2021‘s Braking Point campaign is here, and we will be detailing what we know of the story of F1’s newest hotshot rookie Aiden Jackson.

Braking Point is the first attempt at a fully fledged storymode reminiscent of The Journey from the FIFA titles. It even includes the return of everyone’s favourite antagonist, the egotistical Devon Butler, who featured in three scenario modes at the start of the F1 2019 career mode.

Be advised, the following does contain spoilers for the first part of the Braking Point story so carry on reading if you don’t mind having the story spoiled.


You begin with picking which team you’d like to compete for out of Racing Point/Aston Martin, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo, Williams or Haas. However, no matter which team you pick, you’ll begin at the Yas Marina circuit in the final race of the Formula Two season with the Carlin team.

You have three laps to go from fourth to first which you need in order to seal the F2 championship. It isn’t clear if you can proceed from this storypoint without winning the race, you will need to win the F2 title and stand atop of the podium looking down at your future F1 team superior Brian Doyle.


In Jackson’s first race at Albert Park at the start of 2020, you need to get to the back of experienced teammate Casper Akkerman who is in a points paying position. Once you’re on his tail though, a cutscene plays showing Jackson attempting a move heading towards the fast turn eleven. Only issue is, your rival Devon Butler attempts to go three wide.

Akkerman is the loser out of all of it and has to pit for repairs, whilst Jackson and Butler continue on to the end of the race. The situation between both drivers doesn’t improve much in the next race.


In the next scenario, we jump ahead to the Shanghai circuit where Jackson has had to come back onto the track after an aggressive move by Akkerman. You then take control and are tasked with getting into the points before the end of the race.

In between all these events, it’s clear through the cutscenes that Jackson and Akkerman are butting heads and the pot is only being stirred even further by Butler. That is unfortunately where it ends for now, but you can play the rest of the gamemode yourself by picking up the game when it releases on 16 July (or 13 July if you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition).

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