F1 2021 beginners guide with Dave Gaming

F1 2021 beginners guide with Dave Gaming

F1 2021

Are you a F1 2021 esports racing hero in the making? Then let’s learn some tips on how to get started from YouTuber and expert Dave Gaming.

Photo credit: Codemasters

Do you want to enter the world of Formula 1 and sit behind the wheel yourself? The new F1 2021 by Codemasters is THE game to play in the racing scene at the moment. For newcomers, however, it might be difficult to find their way to the complex features, settings and modes. YouTuber and sim racer David ‘Dave Gaming’ Karapetian will guide you through your first time playing the game and gives you crucial tips on how to get started.

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Set the right key bindings

Before you hop into your speedster and conquer the circuits, take a look at the key bindings and find out which button does what. There are two especially important actions: the DRS and the overtake key. No matter if you’re driving with a controller or a steering wheel, make sure you can press those buttons quickly.

Decrease the HUD size

Next, let’s change the heads-up display (HUD). There are a lot of features, numbers and information floating around on the borders of your screen. To keep the perfect overview over the track, Dave recommends shrinking the size of the HUD. Speaking of overview, also make sure to select the TV cam over the cockpit cam so nothing will slip by unnoticed.

Use driving aids

It is not too easy to handle such a powerful racing machine. A few driving aids can greatly help you for your first races. Turning on traction control (medium) and ABS can especially benefit players who use a controller.

Learn how to use manual shifting

Your car might spin out in corners in the beginning, and that’s fine! But to give yourself more control over the vehicle, learn how to shift manually. Then you can choose to short-shift, shifting early and accelerating at a lower RPM. Fewer spins and better control are the benefits. It also helps to adjust the brake bias: start with 60% and then work your way downwards until you reach the best braking distance.

Now that you’re all set up, get ready to show your prowess on the virtual streets! But which mode is the best to start with? Dave recommends the newly added Braking Point. There you can follow an interesting story mode, choose from various difficulties and improve over time. Have fun exploring the game!

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