Get the Most out of F1 2021's Multiplayer Career Mode

Get the Most out of F1 2021 Multiplayer Career

F1 2021

Jump in to a new multiplayer career mode in F1 2021 with these tips to get you started!

Photo credit: Codemasters / EA

Codemasters brought a fair few new features to the table with the release of F1 2021. One of the biggest is the ability to play a multiplayer career mode with a friend, something which has not been possible in any of the recent Formula 1 games. Sadly, only regular career mode is available for multiplayer, you can’t have two different My Team teams on the same grid. Nevertheless, the ability to embark on a career mode with another player is an enticing prospect indeed. Here is our guide on how to get started with it.

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CO-OP or Contracts?

First off, you’ll have to decide whether you want to work as part of a team alongside your friend or whether you’d rather both of you had the freedom to move around between teams. This decision may seem like a simple one, but there’s more to it than just whether you like to be competitive or not.

If you’re the faster driver, consider taking a seat at Williams to give your friend a chance. Photo credit: Codemasters / EA

If either player is significantly better at the game than the other, and this can be roughly determined by which level of AI you use in single player. It’s probably a good idea to put the stronger player in a car at the back of the grid, while the other player hops in a Mercedes or Red Bull. This way, the relative performance of the cars should help to balance out the gap in skill, allowing both players to have an interesting and competitive experience. It is also worth noting that, even in contracts mode, it’s still possible for players to end up on the same team together, without it being forced upon you.

Season Length and Calendar Customisation

Another important decision you will need to make off the bat is whether or not you will run a full-length F1 calendar. Of course, this largely just depends on you and your friends’ personal preferences. If both players don’t agree on which to go with, it’s probably a good idea to go with the shorter of the options. This way you’re less likely to have one party burning out or losing interest.

Taking on a shortened calendar also comes with the added bonus of being able to choose which circuits you want to be present on that calendar. This is also helpful for players between whom there is a significant skill gap, as you can take some of the tougher circuits off of the calendar, such as Monaco, and only choose the ones that the weaker player is comfortable with.

Settings and Rules

Finally, you will also need to consider the game settings and game rules you embark on your new career with. Again, communication between the two players is key – if one player goes in expecting no practice and 5 lap races it’s best not to surprise them with full practice sessions and half race distances. Similarly, players who are used to regular corner cutting stringency will have a nasty and demotivating surprise in store for them if this setting is set to strict.

Enabling auto reset to track will avoid too many frustrating DNFs. Photo credit: Codemasters / EA

Of course, flashbacks are not possible in a game with two people playing simultaneously. As such, it might be worth considering turning on the automatic reset to track option. This way, if one or both players usually rely on flashbacks to avoid DNFing every single race, they will at least be able to recover from their mistakes with a little more ease. Naturally, AI driver difficulty is probably the most important single setting to adjust. Be ready to change this one on the fly as the season continues, as both players will likely improve as the season goes on. To start with, err on the side of caution and go for a relatively easy setting. If it’s too easy, you can just raise it, but if it’s too hard it might make people lose interest fast.

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