F1 2021 Early Access Is Out Now!

F1 2021 Early Access Is Out Now!

F1 2021

F1 2021 features all-new story mode Braking Point, as well as many other changes and updates from F1 2020.

Photo credit: Codemasters / EA

Codemasters’ latest addition to the F1 game series, F1 2021, has officially released for Deluxe Edition buyers as of Monday, 12 July. F1 2021, which is the first game in the series to bear an association with Electronic Arts, features a new headline game mode in the form of Braking Point, as well as many other changes and updates from its predecessor, F1 2020. Those who pre-ordered the regular edition of the game will be able to play on 16 July – not long to wait now! Let’s take a look at what’s new about the game right here!

Braking Point

This new cinematic game mode blurs the lines between gaming and watching a TV series such as Drive to Survive, in the same way that FIFA’s Volta and Madden’s Face of the Franchise do. It builds upon some light story elements that were included in F1 2019. The most notable carryover from that game is the primary antagonist that everybody loves to hate – Devon Butler. Aside from him, F1 2019 laid some important foundations for what would become Braking Point, but it hardly scratched the surface of what was possible.

Players play as Aiden Jackson, a rising young star in the world of Formula 2 and then Formula 1. Along Aiden’s path through the start of his Formula 1 career, players will encounter characters such as the veteran Casper Akkerman, Brian Doyle who acts as a sort of mentor and manager for Jackson, and of course Butler himself. We won’t spoil the story for you here, but there are hours of cutscenes and content to enjoy in-game!

What else is new?

One of the major sub-headings of the F1 2021 feature list is the arrival of the multiplayer career mode at long last. This mode allows players to drive with or against each other in the same career mode setting, something which players have wanted for a long time. The handling model of the cars has changed significantly, and the initial reviews from esports professionals are positive. Of course the cars themselves are also new, with the likes of the Aston Martin and Alpine cars replacing the Racing Points and Renaults respectively.

Difficulty settings in-game have been expanded, allowing players greater control over their F1 experience, especially when it comes to My Team mode. This mode, added in F1 2020, allows players to create and drive for their own F1 team, and it has received some tweaks and changes for F1 2021 as well. Departmental events will now naturally occur and give players tough decisions to make which may help or hinder the success of their team.

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