How to win a race in F1 2021 without overtaking!

How to win a race in F1 2021 without overtaking!

F1 2021

F1 2021 is a versatile game with lots of strategy involved. Today we bring you a guide dedicated towards pit stops and tyres.

Photo Credit: Codemasters

Did you ever think to yourself: “It would be great to win without having to fight others on track in F1 2021″? Look no further because that is precisely what we can offer you today. We have assembled the most coherent tips we could find to make you a strategy machine that wins just by being smart.

Use the pits to your advantage

It is no secret that pit stops are essential to an F1 race. Diving into the box will usually be a necessary evil and cost you a few seconds relative to your foes. But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be like that?

Going into the pits while the cars in front of you continue to drive is called an undercut. This prevents you from driving in dirty air and allows you to make up time on your new tyres while your opponents are still battling each other in traffic. If you do it correctly, you will be to gain a lot of time just by pitting a little early.

Staying out longer while other cars around you are pitting is called an overcut. This strategy is best used when you still have plenty of rubber on your used tires to drive some good laps. Once the rest of the field pits, you will be in clean air and able to move unhindered while the others will continue to battle each other and lose time after their pit stops.

Make the safety car your savior car

Another great way to strategise is to make good use of a safety car phase. If the track be full of debris or a car has crashed out, a safety car will be deployed. If you take quick advantage and dive into the pits while the others are bunched up, you can make up a lot of time.

But beware, a late reaction can cause you to lose places if the field is already tightly bunched together. So you had best either have some quick reactions or be able to make use of others slacking.

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