Latest trailer showcases new F1 2021 features

Latest trailer showcases new F1 2021 features

F1 2021

Codemasters has dropped a new feature trailer for F1 2021. Here is all the most important information which can be gleaned from it.

Photo credit: Codemasters

A new trailer just dropped on the F1 Games by Codemasters YouTube Channel showcasing all of the new and improved features which will be in F1 2021. The trailer itself is only two and a half minutes long, but it is packed with information and details about the upcoming release.

Braking Point and My Team

Headlining the feature list for F1 2021 is of course the new story-driven game mode called Braking Point. While this trailer didn’t do much in the way of explaining how Braking Point will work, it did give some insight into what it will look like.

The three main characters, Aiden Jackson, who the player will be controlling, Casper Akkerman and of course Devon Butler all made appearances, as did another character who looked as though he might be Jackson’s manager or agent.

The story will take place over three seasons, and only five Formula 1 teams will be playable in Braking Point. Among these are Alpha Tauri, Alfa Romeo, Haas, Williams. The trailer also displayed a Racing Point along with the other four, suggesting that it would be the fifth choice. It seems likely that Aston Martin were the intended team instead.

As for My Team, which was a great success in F1 2020, the gameplay shown seems to have changed little. One difference is the inclusion of department events, which will make players choose between one of two responses to a presented scenario. Additionally, a wealth of new custom liveries for My Team were on show in the trailer.

Multiplayer Career, Driver Ratings and More

Two players will be able to play in the same career mode, either as rivals or as teammates. The multiplayer career seems to include many, if not all of the bells and whistles which comes with the regular career mode, including development and department upgrades.

Driver ratings have always been a somewhat contentious point, and contradictory ratings for several drivers were shown in the trailer. These ratings will be updated as the real-life Formula 1 season plays out. Underperforming drivers may find themselves losing a point or two, while stand-out stars may shoot up the in-game order.

One aspect of the game which doesn’t seem to have been updated is the F2 mode. The trailer showed many of the F2 teams’ cars, but they were all the 2020 models, rather than the new 2021 liveries. This likely means that, as with last year, Codemasters will add the F2 2021 cars and drivers as a mid-cycle patch somewhere down the line.

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