The BEST moments from the Dream Team Series

The BEST moments from the Dream Team Series

F1 2021

The Dream Team Series is officially over but the moments live on.

Photo Credit: Codemasters / EA

It is done. After four blisteringly close rounds of the Dream Team Series we have gathered the most exciting and dramatic moments. With the help of our community, some iconic racing moments were born.

A battle of the stars

Amongst the very top of the field there have been a few that proved to be extra-elite. In particular, the battle between Hydro and the Ferrari duo of ElReyGuiriPlays and Amos Laurito kept us on the edge of our seats.

Who could forget an epic photo finish in China at round one. Over the full duration of the race Hydro managed to fight his way back up from qualifying at the back due to a mistake. Hydro set his sights on ElRey and overtook him a lap before the chequered flag. But ultimately it wasnt enough. ElRey managed to stick behind the Alpine and make a move in the last turn to switch back the positions in the last second.

This wansnt the only incredible fight our influencers had over the course of our series. Jay (PietSmiet) and Maxime MXMwent at it numerous times. Their battles accounted for a whopping 9% of all total overtakes; 35 in total. In the end Maxime got the upperhand in the driver’s standings, while Jay and his McLaren teammate Mathieu ‘rAii’ Wacker took third in the championship.

If you want the full results head to our OverTake F1 Dream Team Series and re-livesome of the thrilling racing action this series produced.

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