Episode 43 Theamusante reviews F1 2021

Episode 43 | Theamusante reviews F1 2021

F1 2021

Theamusante joins Nitro Nights to discuss and review the much hyped new F1 title from Codemasters, F1 2021.

In this week’s episode of Nitro Nights, Tyler chats to Aléthéa ‘Theamusante’ Boucq about the hot topic of the week – Codemasters’ release of the latest F1 game, F1 2021. As a sim racing YouTuber who tries her hand at every racing game available, there are few people better qualified to provide their first impressions on the new title.

A step forward?

Théa starts by considering the predecessor title, F1 2020. Unlike in the new title there was no story mode, so her go-to part of the game was My Team. Back then as a novice with little experience of F1 in general, the mode taught her a lot about how to run a team, racing on-track and strategy. However, she felt that the mode was “a little complicated” for beginners – she came last in her first couple of attempts, and it took a while before she felt she really felt comfortable playing it.

As a contrast, F1 2021 offers a My Team that is far more customisable than its predecessor’s, meaning that it can be easily adapted to suit the skill level of every player. With the upcoming addition of three new tracks (Imola, Portimao and Jeddah) as well as improved graphics and force feedback, Théa feels that this new version of the F1 game series represents excellent progress over previous iterations.

Still room for improvement

As we all know though: nothing in life is perfect – and this is also the case for F1 2021. Théa compares it directly to her favourite racing title, Assetto Corsa Competizione and highlights how Codemasters could have improved the new title further. Her love of ACC stems from its realism, particularly the authentic behaviour of the AI. As a contrast, the AI in F1 2021 are either too aggressive, or not aggressive enough – she feels it fails to strike that ideal balance. In the ACC settings, AI ‘aggression’ and ‘speed’ are two separate settings, which could be something for Codemasters to consider in the next version of the game.

To round off the episode, Théa takes us for a hot lap of Zandvoort in a car that is new to the game – the Aston Martin. So check it out and decide for yourself whether F1 2021 is a worthy addition to the famed F1 game series.

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