F1 2021 Review: what's new?

F1 2021 Review: what’s new?

F1 2021

The long-awaited new Formula 1 title, F1 2021, is out now. We review its new features and additions, including Braking Point.

Photo credit: Codemasters / EA

F1 2021 is finally on sale, despite the real-life F1 season kicking off back in March. This new version of Codemasters’ series features many subtle tweaks over the last game – as well as some more obvious new features. Check out the video to find out what these are, and whether they make 2021 a worthy new addition to the series.

A racing jewel, polished

As expected, the most obvious new updates to the game are the 2021 teams and driver line-ups. Also hotly anticipated is the addition of new circuits to the calander – namely Imola, Portimao and the Jeddah Street Circuit. Rather disappointingly these will arrive later with a post-launch DLC rather than being included from the start. We tested the game on both PS5 and PC – visually it looks amazing and runs buttery smooth with no hiccups whatsoever in a high framerate. Respect to Codemasters for that!

The centrepiece

The main new feature that marks F1 2021 out from all the versions that came before it is the addition of a story mode called Braking Point. Here we meet Aiden Jackson, a young, talented Brit who wants to become a racing legend in F1. After fighting for the F2 title, we choose a team we want to join for the 2020 season from a limited selection. The story is told in many layers, via beautiful cut scenes, emails, social feeds and phone calls. Its inclusion comes as a light-hearted and refreshing change – but even this shows room for improvement. Why, you ask? You’d better watch the video to find out!

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