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F1 22 Multiplayer Guide: How to be Faster

F1 22

Racing against AI opponents in F1 22 is nice, but the fun begins when you enter the competition against real drivers. Joining the multiplayer grants you a completely new experience in F1 22. However, in order to be prepared, it’s good to know some tips and tricks. Here are five of them:

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F1 22 Multiplayer Guide – Watch out for cold tyres

The 2022 season in Formula One came with a decisive rule change. From now on, tyre blankets can only heat up your tyres up to a temperature of 70 degrees, which is not enough to have maximum grip right from the start. Therefore, out laps have become significantly trickier and slower in F1 22. Make sure to keep this fact in mind when planning your pit strategy.

Use the Virtual Rear-View Mirror

F1 22 offers its players some useful advantages that real-world drivers do not get to use. One of them is the virtual rear-view mirror. It is a great addition to the two side mirrors, providing you with instant information about what is going on behind you. It is not only helpful in close fights, but also vital in situations like Monza turn one, where you have to see every approaching divebomb to survive the race.

ferrari on-board approaching turn 1 at Hungaroring
Be aware of what is going on behind you with the virtual rear mirror. Photo credit: F1 22 / OverTake.

Since the virtual rear mirror is not initially activated in F1 22, make sure to turn on the feature in the settings. You can activate it by entering the on-screen display settings.

Customize your HUD

Another important advantage in F1 22 is the HUD, which grants you real-time information on the state of your car and the game. However, it can still be optimized. The different elements of the HUD can be moved so that everything is where you want it to be.

Be aware that the option to change the HUD only pops up when you are in a race or a time trial. You can enter the menu by clicking on on-screen display settings and then OSD customization.

Everything has to have its place. Customize the HUD to your needs. Photo credit: F1 22 / OverTake.

Also, different elements of the HUD can and should be tweaked. The most important element is the track map. Switch on the display of the entire track map to see where exactly your closest opponent is at the moment. This will make it significantly easier for you to time your pit stops or react to a potential undercut or overcut. You can also find this setting in the on-screen display menu.

Download the Best Setups

A good driver needs a good car to win. While all cars are mostly levelled to the same strength in multiplayer, there is still a significant advantage you can get over your opponents with the setup. While we all would love to have the time to try out different setups and find the perfect fit for each track, we know that reality is different.

To save time and still get a great setup, F1 22 allows you to download other drivers’ setups. These will give you a very good basis to work on. A clever way to get the best setup is to enter the time trial scoreboards for each track and download the setups used by the fastest drivers. However, be aware that these setups are often created for a one-shot hot lap and need a little tweak to be ready for a full-on race.

Watch and Learn from the Pros

Every game has its own rules. In F1 22, track limits or kerbs can be a bit inconsistent and it is tricky to find out where you can cut a corner and where not. Instead of trying everything on your own, it if helpful to watch the best drivers where they find the margin over their opponents.

Also, watching pros on YouTube or Twitch is a very good way to learn about more smaller tips and tricks that make you a better driver in F1 22. For example, you can learn from their strategies, the way they fight in multiplayer or just how they handle a track in order to become faster yourself.

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