Forza Motorsport Set To Ditch Car Upgrade Restrictions OT
Images: Taken by OverTake in-game

Forza Motorsport Set To Ditch Car Upgrade Restrictions

Forza Motorsport

In a significant U-turn, the current Forza Motorsport will no longer ‘unlock’ parts for car upgrades and allow the use of credits to buy car points. 

The system was touted as a deep and innovative levelling up mechanic at launch by Microsoft and developers Turn 10 Studios but has been met with derision among the title’s player base. 

Now, the system will scale back its initial role-playing-game-like process, in a significant change of approach. 

Until now, performance-enhancing car parts are placed behind arbitrary level system on a per-car basis. Driving a vehicle earns players car points, with car points unlocking levels and levels unlocking the option to buy the more performative parts. 

Forza Motorsport car upgrades shop

When playing through a series of events with one car, unlocking and applying new upgrades was essential to keep up with your AI rivals in the later rounds. A somewhat rewarding mechanic. 

Trouble was, this process had to be repeated for every vehicle from scratch, progress was slow, and credits were only used for the purchase of new vehicles, not parts. 

That is now set to be heavily revised. When March’s ‘Update 6’ arrives, all available parts will be unlocked at ‘Car Level 1’. 

In addition, car points will become available to purchase using accrued cash too. So, while you can still wait to level up through driving (seemingly endless) practice sessions, there’s now a second way of picking up fresh parts. 

Forza Motorsport Car Pass Dodge

Whether or not the changes outlined will make the grind after the initial events more tolerable remains to be seen, with a ratio of 4,500 credits for 500 car points currently touted. 

It follows a recent statement from the game’s creators outlining the main areas it would like to improve. The Nürburgring Nordschleife will arrive in ‘Update 5’, slated for 14th February 2024. 

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