What's new in iRacing Season 3 2021?

What’s new in iRacing Season 3 2021?


New cars, news tracks, and more: we take a look at iRacing‘s latest season and analyse which contents are worth getting your hands on – and what still demands improvement.

Photo credit: iRacing

iRacing‘s third season this year has finally launched and comes with loads of new content. New cars, tracks, and numerous other updates constitute the next steps in the game’s evolution. In this video, we’ll take a look at what’s new, which content is worth buying, and much more. Ready? Then hit that “Play” button!

Beetle adds tons of fun

One of the most notable additions to iRacing is the Formula Vee, which borrows components such as an engine from the VW Beetle. It therefore marks one of the oldest grassroots racing series in the world. This thing comes with only four gears and basically no aero package, which is highly unusual for an open wheeler car.

In the future, the Vee is supposed to be the starting point for open wheeler fans in the iRacing cosmos who can then upgrade to the Skip Barber, Formula Renaults, USF and higher tier stuff. It’s free of charge and will form the second Rooky series next to the infamous MX-5 Cup. Spoiler alert: It’s tremendously fun to drive, but comes with some challenges we address in the video above!

From Spielberg to Chicago

iRacing‘s impressively huge track roster gets two more additions: the RedBull Ring at Spielberg and the Chicago Street Circuit. Both are laser scanned which you definitely feel and makes these newcomers really worth driving. But when it comes to off-track objects, iRacing is showing its age – some parts look handcrafted and well built, while others are standard place holders from 2008. Grass, trees and fences are not up to scratch and don’t come near the amount of love and detail which can be found in the car models and also the track itself.

If you want to know all about the latest updates to damage models, which cars to buy, and why the week planner makes the game even better, don’t miss this video!

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