Ambitious crossover: K-pop livery for NASCAR

Ambitious crossover: K-pop livery for NASCAR


The prominent iRacing livery creator Dave “DriveThrough” has created the unimaginable: A K-pop NASCAR livery.

The Canadian artist DriveThrough is known for creating awesome and surreal designs for vehicles in iRacing, especially NASCAR. He offers his services to design special liveries and other things like 3D backgrounds for Twitch livestreams.

But one of his latest creations was unlike anything else he has done so far. Dave combined NASCAR and K-pop by putting the South Korean girl group “Dream Catcher” on the engine hood of a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Besides the band members on the front, the iconic “Dream Catcher” lettering covers each side of the vehicle. The colors are a blend of purple and pink, with a flame-effect in the front.

His new K-pop design also provoked a few funny reactions from the official iRacing account and other users. Most of them were not too enthusiastic about Dave’s work. While iRacing just reacted with a video of the “Dream Catcher” girl group, users like “Moonhead” jokingly threatened to blackflag the car if they see it.

While one could argue that the K-pop livery is not his best work, Dave “DriveThrough” has already created many different designs and showed his skill.

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