Free new car hits iRacing in season 3!

Free new car hits iRacing in season 3!


Open-wheel fans rejoice as the Formula Vee is comming your way in iRacing. For free!

Photo Credit: iRacing

We’re a week away from the 2021 season three of iRacing and the community has something to be even more excited about. By way of Twitter came the announcement of the Formula Vee, a small open wheeler that will be added to the roster of iRacing cars.

Not only will the Formula Vee be added to iRacing, but it will also be free to use for every subscriber to the service. Great news for everyone who has waited for a small formula car to try out!

In a gameplay trailer on YouTube, iRacing showed some specifics on how the little fella will behave on track. What it shows is a lively and refreshing racer that will take some time to master. As per the video description, the Formula Vee will be “based on the stock parts of a pre-1963 Volkswagen Beetle, combining them with a tubeframe chassis and fibreglass or carbon fibre open-wheel body”.

Exciting times ahead

The Formula Vee will be part of some exciting content releases in the upcoming season. Besides the announcement of the Porsche GT3R at the  2021 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup,, iRacing has already released the next generation of NASCAR vehicles that will be available to drive in-series after the release of season three.

In addition, iRacing will also be featuring the street circuit of Chicago for their upcoming season of NASCAR in 2022. All that and maybe more will be brought to us next week when season three officially releases.

How excited are you to drive the new Formula Vee on iRacing for free? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!