How to brake in esports racing

How to brake in esports racing


Max Benecke shows why braking gives you a speed boost.

Stepping on the brake to get faster? This may sound contradictory at first, but Max Benecke knows what he’s talking about. The highest ranked iRacing pro in the world shows you in this tutorial why braking is so important and how it’s done properly.

Creating a flow

Braking is an important technique used before going into a curve. Slowing down at the right moment gives you more control over your car and lets you accelerate faster afterwards. This is because when you brake, your car’s center of gravity shifts to the front. There will be more pressure on your front tires which allows you to take the corner much tighter.

Of course, our pro also gives you advice on how to find the right timing to step on the brakes. He recommends memorizing landmarks that can help you out with that.

Max also explains the concepts of over- and understeering, and how you can implement them in your races. If you want to know more, make sure to check out this tutorial!

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