How to master the Nordschleife with Josh Rogers

How to master the Nordschleife with Josh Rogers


Struggling to set up your car around the notorious Nordschleife? Josh Rogers is on hand to tell you how it’s done.

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is the ultimate racing challenge. This 22.8km circuit consists of 160 turns, with both high-speed and slow corners and severe changes in altitude. With such diversity, it can be difficult to set up your car accordingly. Fortunately, we’ve enlisted the help of 2021 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup champion  Joshua K Rogers to reveal the ideal GT3 setup. So check out the video and master the Green Hell!

Practice makes perfect

This might come as a surprise, but Josh’s first piece of advice is just to hit the track. It’s key to get an initial feel for the car and your own driving style before you start tweaking the setup. Once you’ve established where your weaknesses are, it’s time to make changes.

With the high number of the medium speed corners at the Nordschleife, you might lack mid corner grip. If this is the case, increase the front camber and decrease the front toe. For the front toe you can go closer to zero and just see where it gets you. Slow and high-speed corners are also another crucial factor. As a general rule: the slower the corner, the more the setup relies on mechanical tweaks. If you lose a lot of time in high-speed sections, the aero is the way to go.

Getting technical

Taking the Porsche GT3 Cup Car as a basis, Josh illuminates other aspects which will help to fine-tune your setup on the Nordschleife. The car will leave the ground at sections such as Flugplatz, so stiffening the anti-roll bar should help to keep the car planted and flat. Adjusting brake bias between the front and rear is another key trick. Moving the bias to the front of your car improves turn-in, because the weight is mainly on the front axle. A possible side effect could be locking the front wheels though, so do this carefully.

With all Josh’s tips and tricks, you’ll be rocking the Ring in no time at all! And if your first steps in iRacing are proving more costly than you’d imagined, make sure you check out our other video on how to start off on a budget.


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