How to make iRacing look amazing

How to make iRacing look amazing


iRacing is one of the most realistic racing simulations out there, but arguably not the most beautiful one. Watch our video to get the best out of it to make it look good!

Photo credit: OverTake

iRacing has it all: detailed car models, a well-rounded Force Feedback and the best online experience of them all. However, with the wrong settings it’s kinda ugly. Sorry! But what if we told you that with one easy trick you can actually make it look great. No additional software needed! Let’s jump right into the makeover and give iRacing the look it deserves!

The basics

Basically, you just need to make an adjustment to a file and access the customisation menu of your video card. Before we start, we make sure to close our application. Then, we head to iRacing‘s core.ini file, which you can usually find in your ‘Documents’ folder. Go to line two ‘connect_sockets’. Change its value from 0 to 1.

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the first step! Now we’ll have a look at your video card app.

Adjust the graphics of your game

In our video, we explain in detail how to adjust the look of your game, depending on your graphics card. We cover the two market leaders AMD Radeon and NVIDIA, so it doesn’t make a difference what brand you use.

The key feature you’ll need to change is the colour temperature. As iRacing has a yellowish tint, we can counter this easily, adjusting a more blue tone. If you want to know how to do that with your video card driver, what further adjustments you should make in the settings and what it looks like in-game, head over to our video!

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