How to nail every iRacing track with Max Benecke

How to nail every iRacing track with Max Benecke


In our first tutorial, iRacing world champion Max Benecke explains how to excel on every track.

Who would be better suited giving you advice on how to get started in iRacing than a real world champion? Max Benecke is one of the best players the game has ever seen and knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Get to know the track

In our tutorial, he explains the basics of esports racing. Before you just speed around, the pro suggests that you get to know your car and the track you are racing on thoroughly. “To be the best you should actually be able to drive on the track with your eyes completely closed,” suggests the pro.

In addition, Max teaches you the most important things about corners and how to apporach them. You should not aim for speed until you have mastered these basics. In the beginning, it’s all about getting a feeling for the game mechanics. You will realize soon enough that slow but smooth is eventually going to make you fast.

Now, buckle up, watch the video, and try out Max’ tips by yourself!

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