iRacing to Receive Huge Season 3 Update

iRacing to Receive Huge Season 3 Update


With the new season three patch for iRacing just around the corner, here are some of the biggest changes coming to the game.

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One of the leading games in the sim racing world, iRacing, is primed and ready for a major update which will bring changes to many diverse aspects of the game. Planned to release on Wednesday, 9 June, the 2021 season three update will keep things fresh and interesting for players. The patch includes both new content and tweaks to existing content and systems. Here are some of the changes that will be most impactful.

New cars on the way

A few new vehicles have already been revealed, including the new free Formula Vee car and the Porsche 911 GT3 R. Joining them will be the VW Beetle Lite. Like the Formula Vee, the Beetle Lite will also be free to all players. Unlike the Vee, this new car is designed for rallycross. Compared to the regular Beetle, the Lite comes with less power. This makes it a good option for players to learn the rallycross ropes without being overwhelmed.

Alongside these new cars, there have been a raft of updates to existing cars within the game. The SCCA Spec Racer Ford has now been updated to its third-generation form, and this will be available for free as well! Many other vehicles have received smaller updates too.

Tracks and AI

Solid AI is fundamental for getting new players up to speed without compromising the races of other online players due to their inexperience. As such, iRacing‘s AI has received a significant amount of attention for 2021 season three, particularly on several oval circuits such as Lucas Oil Raceway and South Boston Speedway. More road circuits have also been given AI compatibility. Every layout for both Oulton Park and Tsukuba Circuit are now eligible for single player AI racing, as well as some layouts at a few other tracks.

On top of new circuits being made available for AI racing, the AI themselves have been improved in certain categories. The NASCAR Cup Series, GT3 and GT4, Skip Barber Formula 2000 and SCCA Spec Racer Ford have all received this treatment, alongside similar improvements to specific circuits such as Long Beach.

What’s more, whole new circuits have been announced. The Nashville Superspeedway in Tenessee, which hosts NASCAR events, has been added to the roster of circuits in iRacing. The same is true for the Red Bull Ring in Austria, where Formula 1 and MotoGP both hold events. The latter also comes with three different configurations in terms of track layout.

The beauty lies in the detail

Aside from these obvious changes, there are other improvements that may be less noticeable at first. For example, the particle effects for dust, smoke and sparks have been worked on and developed to give players a more realistic and visually appealing experience.

The new damage model has been adjusted some more, and it has been added to Formula Vee and Street Stock cars. Furthermore, changes to the tyre-detection system mean that track limits penalties should be a little more forgiving now. There is a huge quantity of small fixes and other changes that we can’t get in here, but this update brings a lot to iRacing in 2021 season three.

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