The Biggest Parts of the new iRacing Patch

The Biggest Parts of the new iRacing Patch


Among the notes for this new iRacing patch are some graphical improvements, some damage model updates, setup updates and a whole host of bug fixes.

Photo credit: iRacing

iRacing has just released its second patch of 2021 Season 4, and while it’s not the flashiest in terms of new additions, there are plenty of fixes and tweaks which have been applied to improve the gameplay significantly. In fact, this was a relatively hefty patch in terms of file size and the sheer number of changes that were made. Let’s jump in and take a look at some of the most significant alterations.

Car, Track, UI and Simulation Fixes

First up there have been various changes which were made to certain cars within the game. Many of these are purely graphical, but plenty of cars have had their iRacing setups updated as well. Among these are the BMW M8 GTE, the Dallara IR18, the Ford Mustang FR500S and several more.

A few of the GT4 cars have had their wheel damage properties brought up to scratch, in line with the relatively new damage model in the game. This is true of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR, the McLaren 570s GT4 and the BMW M4 GT4.

Then there are the circuits themselves. Some of these changes are a little more important than others. For instance, we doubt the fact that at Spa-Francorchamps “some crowd members have had their attention redirected towards the track” will be turning many heads. The new Hungaroring and Road Atlanta have received the most changes, with turn 6 at the Hungarian track having been smoothed out a little. Similarly, a bump between turn 1 and 2 at the Kansas Speedway has also been patted down a little.

Interface changes were also a part of this patch. Most notably, there is now an option to select “start a race with qualifying tire choice” as a part of the create a race function. This means that cars will start on whichever tyres they qualified. The AI drivers have been given a bit of extra training in a few areas, namely with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, and with entering the pits both at Bristol and Sebring. There have also been a number of bg fixes, slight graphical improvements and animation updates.

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