Update: iRacing Season 4 Adds Hungaroring and More

Update: iRacing Season 4 Adds Hungaroring & More


The iRacing 2021 season 4 update has now dropped, and it features two new cars and two new tracks!

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Update 9 September, 4pm CEST

On Wednesday, 8 September, the 2021 season 4 patch for iRacing was deployed. It features several headline additions to the game, along with the general changes noted in our original article below.

Perhaps most notable among the new additions is the arrival of not only the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, but also the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020. These additions will improve the variety available when it comes to GT3 racing in game.

On top of these new cars are the two new circuits which are also being added to the game. The first of these, the Hungaroring, is a circuit famously dubbed ‘Monaco without the walls’ in F1 circles, on account of it’s tight, twisty nature. It has hosted the Hungarian Grand Prix every year since 1986. Joining the iRacing track roster along with it is the Hickory Motor Speedway, a short oval situated within North Carolina in the United States.

Original news from 1 September

Constant attention and frequent updates are things which fans of iRacing will be accustomed to their favourite game receiving. Now, with the arrival of 2021 Season 4 on the horizon, iRacing has put out a few short videos, each of which details some upcoming changes to the game. So, let’s take a look and see what we can expect for Season 4, which will be going live on 4 September.

Car Specific Updates

First and foremost, iRacing will be adding the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup to their growing roster of cars. This was revealed a few days ago with a lively trailer on the iRacing YouTube channel, and it is the headline feature for 2021 season 4. However, there are still plenty more changes for players to look forward to.

Several of the videos relate to specific cars or classes of cars within the game. For example, the Dallara-IR18, also known as the IndyCar, has had some adjustments made to it on the back of direct feedback from real-world IndyCar drivers. Players will now be able to lean on the rear tyres more, allowing for more aggressive driving styles to be viable. Ultimately, the developers hope that this will increase the fun-factor of the Dallara-IR18 in game.

Two Lotuses are also receiving a little bit of love and attention from the developers. The Lotus 49 and the Lotus 79, or more specifically their tyres, have been updated to the game’s newer tyre model. This should lead to more predictable packages at higher speed. There have also been a few chassis-side changes to the 49 to improve the realism of the car.

Class-Wide Changes

Tyres are the hot-button issue when it comes to some broader changes to overall car classes. The tyres on GT3 cars should provide far greater support in high-load situations, which should result in players feeling more confident that the cars will behave through high speed corners. Tyre warmup and drop-off characteristics have also been updated, meaning that you’ll have to get some heat into your tyres on your out-lap before you can truly have them firing on all cylinders.

Certain NASCAR vehicles are also set to undergo some changes. NASCAR Xfinity Class B cars as well as NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Class C trucks will receive upgrades in the form of NEXT Gen shocks. The Class B cars will feature a 5-way adjustable shock, while for the trucks this will be a 4-way adjustable system. There will also be some tyre parameter adjustments made to a few specific Class D road cars, such as the Kia Optima and the Ford Mustang FR500S.

AI Expansion

Finally, there are also some updates to iRacing’s AI slated for release with season 4. Ford and Holden supercars will now be available in AI form, with tracks such as Bathurst, Oran Park, Phillip Island and more being eligible locations for them to race at. In the world of oval racing, Five Flags and Bristol Motor Speedway are also now available for AI to race on. There have also been some global behaviour improvements with an especial focus on side-by-side racing.

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