Beginner guide for oval racing: boost your iRacing Safety Rating

How to boost your iRacing Safety Rating on Ovals


Are you ready to explore the world of oval racing? This is how to increase your Safety Rating and get your desired iRacing license.

Photo credit: iRacing

Oval racing makes the motorsports world go round and round and round… If you’re still new to this racing class, get ready to learn how to gain Safety Rating and achieve your desired license in iRacing with our quick tutorial.

1. You don’t need to win – just drive safely!

Promotion to higher classes does not happen with crazy racing manoeuvres, but with clean, safe driving. To move up in your license you need a safety rating of at least 3.0 and a certain number of races you take part in per season.

To achieve a high Safety Rating, avoid contact with other cars and going off track. Make sure you practice before each race so you get a feeling for the oval course, reducing the risk of careless spins and going off track.

2. Avoid contact with others by keeping the perfect overview

Always have an eye on your opponents, so you can easily avoid their driving errors. Starting from the back can give you a great advantage as every rookie thinks they can win the race in turn 1 and quickly find themselves in the barrier. Stay a good distance from the cars in front so you can react to their mistakes. Remember: winning isn’t important, finishing safely is!

For the danger that lingers behind, your black box settings can help. Always have the “relative” open to check if a faster car, for example the race leader, wants to overtake. Let the car pass cleanly and leave space.

3. Find the rhythm of the oval

Since you’re effectively lapping in circles, you need to find the perfect rhythm for each oval track. Give full throttle on the straights. When turning in, coast into the corner, meaning you lift the throttle and possibly brake ever so slightly into the turn. When you reach the apex, slowly open the throttle again so that the rear remains under control on the exit.

An important part in taking these corners is not to overuse the tyres, as your outer tyres in particular will wear out quickly if your steering movements are too sudden. Adjust the steering ratio in the menu under “Garage – Chassis” and change the steering ratio value. For longer tracks go for a 16:1 ratio, for shorter ones try 14:1, and for the shortest ones, opt for 12:1.

If you follow these tips, your Safety Rating should be boosted in no time and you’ll achieve your desired license with no stress.

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