iRacing Season 3: The content you've been waiting for

iRacing Season 3: New Content Drops


The new Season in iRacing brings a lot of changes with it.

Photo credit: iRacing

The time has finally come. iRacing Season 3 comes with a whole bucket of new content. From new cars to rescanned tracks, this update adds all your racer heart desires.

New Features

Even if you are more into the spectating side of things or want to edit your replays, this patch has got you covered. Last but not least, the developers extended the new, improved damage model to even more cars. Every new car will automatically make use of it now. The best thing: You can finally see the new BMW M41 GT4 blown to smithereens.

Fresh and improved Maps

The third season not only adds North Wilesboro in all its 1987 glory to the game. Road America as well as Kentucky Speedway also received an update. But in contrast to Road America, Kentucky Speedway got completely overhauled brought up to speed. The whole circuit has been rescanned to resemble the real-life track even more. Now you can be sure that every bumb you feel is on the real track as well.

Still more new stuff

Even though these were the major changes there is still more: new loading screens, some texture updates all over the game and much more. The new season brought some fresh wind into the game.

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