Keegan Leahy wins eNascar race with best tactics

Keegan Leahy wins eNascar race with best tactics


What this week lacked in big crashes, it delivered in clean racing and crisp decisions.

Photo credit: iRacing

Keegan Leahy defends his place in the standings to keep the number one eNascar spot. The 2020 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series is past the halfway mark. This week’s race in Indianapolis proved once more that great tactics are the key to victory to set yourself apart of the 40 racers battling over $20,000.

The top dog of the competition Keegan Leahy showed again this week what brought him to the top of the standings, delivering once more a fantastic race not just with his driving skills.

The big winner

Using his second pitstop quite late in the race proved more than just beneficial for Keegan Leahy. He got fresh rubber on his tires in round 52 and used them to their fullest. Finishing first and not only defending his first position but even extending his lead to the other drivers. Second place went to Chris Sheaburn who was most of the time engaged in a nailbiter of a race with Leahy. Ray Alfalla came in third even though he was leading the pack with only ten more laps to go. An unfortunate collision with the wall damaged his right front and cost him his victory in the end.

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