Benecke sets iRacing world record

Benecke sets iRacing world record


The German is the first driver ever to reach more than 11,000 iRating.

Photo credit: Porsche

Maximilian Benecke is the first driver ever to hit 11,000 iRating in iRacing. The German surpassed the mark on July 18, shortly after his race in the 2020 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup.

In doing so, he is now leading the road racing ladder with an advantage of around 1,300 points to runner-up Robert R Hartley from California.

Benecke had already been the first person to reach the big mark of 10,000 iRating. Only James Curl and Tyler Majeski were able to reproduce that record. However, both of them compete in oval racing. By reaching 11,000 iRating, Max Benecke once again proved he is the best racer on the simulation.

How does iRating work?

The iRating system resembles the Elo system known from chess. It gives an indication of how good the driver is. After finishing a race, each driver in front of you takes iRating points from you but you also drain points from the drivers behind you.

The amount of points being exchanged depends on the difference in iRating. That means, if a low-rated driver finishes ahead of a high-rated one, they will gain more points from them. However, if you’re a high-rated driver finishing in front of a lower rated driver, you will not receive as many points.

The system makes it harder to score more points the further you climb up the ladder. Benecke needed 860 days – more than two years – to get from 10,000 to 11,000 points.

The iRacing super talent

Max has only been playing iRacing since 2015. After he picked up the simulation, he quickly made himself a name in the scene. He already started competing in the VRS GT iRacing World Championship in 2016 and won the competition just two years later.

In 2019, he became second in the Porsche Esports Supercup which is also known as the inaugural world cup of sim racing. The 2020 edition of the Porsche TAG Heuer Supercup is currently underway. After four out of ten rounds, Benecke once again finds himself in the runner-up position. He will be chasing leader Sebastian Job in the upcoming race at Road Atlanta on August 1.

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