National teams compete in esports charity cup

National teams compete in esports charity cup


The VOC Cup of Nations unites drivers from all around the world to race for their nation.

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The VCO Cup of Nations in support of UNICEF is about to kick off. The first qualifying for the international competition starts at . 64 drivers from 16 countries will go head to head in the charity tournament at the end of July.

VCO and Williams Esports announced to host the Cup of Nations on July 25 and 26 in iRacing. Two ‘hot lap’ qualifying sessions will determine the countries and the drivers taking part.

The first qualifier takes place on July 1 and 2. Each day, the servers open from 7-9 PM CEST and from 9-11 PM CEST, meaning there are four sessions overall. Each contender is allowed to drive four laps per session with the fastest time being counted for the leaderboard.

The drivers are obliged to use an F3.5 car and have to set their time at Donington Park. The same procedure will be repeated on July 5 and 6. The compulsory car and track for this qualifier has yet to be announced.

set their time at Donington Park
Source: iRacing

The top 250 drivers of each of the two qualifiers score points, with the fastest driver getting 250, the second fastest 249 and so on. The points of the top four drivers of each country will be awarded to their nation’s score.

After both qualifiers are finished, the sixteen highest scoring countries advance to the tournament stage. They will be represented by their highest scoring compatriots.

The registration for the charity event can be found here.

The VCO Cup of Nations

“When national teams clash in sport it is always a special occasion,” says Florian Haasper, CEO of organizer VCO. “The VCO Cup of Nations is an exciting format that promises plenty of thrills and fantastic racing.”

One of the main goals of the event is to support the child welfare organization UNICEF. According to the official announcement, every participant of the competition is being asked to make a voluntary decision and share the donation links on their channels. The aim is to “supporting UNICEF’s work all over the world, especially in response to Covid-19.” Organizers VCO and Williams Esports already donated £2,500.

On the first day of the competition on July 25, the sixteen national teams will be seeded into four groups based on their qualifying results. The top two countries will advance to the semi-final stage on July 26. The remaining countries will compete for another two seeds in the semi-final in one deciding playoff race.

In the semi-final, the ten teams will be drawn into semi-final ties, based on their group stage points. There will be one semi-final race with all ten teams competing. The winner of each tie will then advance to the final.

The five losing teams have another chance to earn one final spot in another playoff race. Six countries will face off in four final races on July 26. Again, it’s not the fastest driver who wins the competition for their nation. The highest scoring team of the four races will be crowned VCO Cup of Nations Champion.

We are excited to bring this concept of an international tournament to sim racing. It’s something fresh and unique at a time when many people are missing the traditional excitement of supporting their country during a summer of sport. That we can also raise funds to support the incredible work UNICEF is doing around the world is an extra bonus.

The cars and tracks of the tournament will be revealed a few days before the event. The drivers will get information about which cars are going to be used on which track only in the morning of the event.

The official announcement promises “a total of ten different cars from road racing, oval racing and dirt racing” which will race on “ten different iRacing tracks.” The winning team wins £4,000, second place gets £2,500 and third place £1,000.

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