New iRacing Patch Brings Exciting Circuit Updates

New iRacing Patch Brings Exciting Circuit Updates


A new patch for iRacing is now out, included in it is a totally revamped track and some quality of life amendments.Image credit: iRacing

2021 Season 4 Patch 3 is now available on iRacing and with it, a complete rescan of the Phoenix Raceway in Arizona. The 1-mile oval is hosting the NASCAR Cup event this weekend and has also hosted IndyCar in recent years.

From the Ashes

The circuit had previously been a part of iRacing in its 2012 configuration, which has now been retired and in its place is the current layout. Along with the new layout, there is also a fresh scan which has been taken of the whole track using 2021 scan data, which will no doubt improve the realism of the surface and experience. The new version of the track is available for all users who previously bought the 2012 version of the Phoenix Raceway. The most noticeable difference between the 2012 layout and the current one is the relocation of the timing line.

For those of you concerned about if they got rid of the 2008 legacy version, fear not as iRacing have confirmed that has been unaffected and you can still drive this version of Pheonix before it was changed in 2011.

Other miscellaneous fixes

With the patch comes many other amendments to the user interface, the AI and even pre-existing cars and tracks. For all NASCAR vehicles (Xfinity, Next Gen, Gander and Cup Series), changes have been made to their setup and in the case of the Cup Series cars, there has been an aerodynamic overhaul when drafting on super speedways to reduce oversteer.

For the Dirt Sprint Car, there are quite a few changes. Power and torque have been increased, plus tyre and aerodynamic parameters have been adjusted.

Concerning tracks, many have seen minor amendments. If you want a full list of everything changed in this latest patch, check the release from iRacing’s support forums.

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