PESC Round 3 at Interlagos Results and Standings

PESC Round 3 at Interlagos Results and Standings


Here’s how things look in the Porsche Tag Heuer Esports Supercup after round 3 of the series in Brazil.

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Round three of the 2022 Porsche Tag Heuer Esports Supercup was held at Interlagos on 5 March, and there were a few notable results in store for everybody watching. Below are all of the results and standings you need to know after the action in Sao Paolo.

The Main Event

Starting off with the esports drivers, there was a return to form for one of big names of the series in the form of F1 Esports driver . The englishman brought home a victory in the sprint race, which was his first podium of the season, let alone his first race win.

Another driver who saw a major improvement in Brazil was the Spaniard . Having managed no higher than seventeenth in the first four races of the season, Salva bagged a podium at Interlagos just behind of Apex Racing Team.

Sprint Race Results

Sebastian Job1
Jamie Fluke2+0.063
Salva Talens3+0.237
Zac Campbell4+0.617
Dayne Warren5+0.838

Then it was on to the main event – the feature race. As is so often the case in the Porsche Tag Heuer Esports Supercup, the result was hanging in the balance all the way through the race to the final lap. In the end it came down to an on track battle between and to claim the chequered flag, but it was the American, Campbell, who emerged victorious from the scuffle.

Feature Race Results

Zac Campbell1
Kevin Ellis Jr.2+0.082
Diogo Pinto3+0.246
Salva Talens4+0.639
Ayhancan Guven5+1.462

Despite the fact that neither of them managed a victory in either race in Interlagos, the top two places in the standings are currently held by and , with hot on their heels in third.

Diogo Pinto155
Jeremy Bouteloup151
Ayhancan Guven148
Zac Campbell138
Jamie Fluke135

All-Stars Standings

Of course, Saturday’s broadcast also featured action in the All-Stars series, where Tyson ‘Quirkitized’ Meier and Emily ‘Emree’ Jones, the top two drivers in the standings, won the sprint and feature races respectively.

Tyson Meier100
Emily Jones97
Borja Zazo91
Daniel Sosulski74
Jaroslav Honzik71

If you want to relive all the action, the stream is available on the iRacing YouTube Channel:

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