iRacing Tips for Beginners With Dan Suzuki

iRacing Tips for Beginners With Dan Suzuki


If you’re looking to get started with iRacing, or you’ve had it for a while but you’ve found it tough to really get into, then this is the video for you!

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iRacing is a complicated game. From its subscription model to the plethora of individual car and track DLCs, it can be very confusing indeed for newcomers to wrap their head around. Dan Suzuki, a friend of ours here at OverTake, was once in those very same shoes. We compiled a video with Dan of his top tips to help new players on iRacing, including how to manage your iRating, how to deal with crashes and incidents, what you should focus on and more!

Take the Right Approach

One of the most common anxieties people who play iRacing have is the fear that, if they race online, they’ll lose their iRating as a result. It’s important to try and battle through this feeling. After all, if you don’t at least try, you’ll never increase your iRating further either. For those who are still anxious, using the ghost system which allows players to participate in online races without actually being a real part of them is a great way to practice. That way, you can make sure you’re up to scratch before heading back out on track for real.

Another psychological block many players will have is the feeling that they are being disproportionately involved in crashes or other incidents which weren’t their fault. As Dan says, it’s a good idea to avoid making too many excuses for yourself. Of course, there will be times when you literally cannot be blamed for an incident at all, but in every case you should at least try to analyse where you went wrong. You can improve your own racecraft, you can’t improve that of the others around you. Focus on what you can control.

There are a fair few others tips and tricks which Dan has for you as well, such as the advice that you shouldn’t expect a good setup to make the world of difference for you when you’re just starting out. To hear in full what Dan has to say about all these issues, as well as a few more of his iRacing tips, take a look at our video now!

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