VCO Announces Return of $25,000 Esports Cup

VCO Announces Return of $25,000 Esports Cup


VCO and Williams Esports have announced the return of their Cup of Nations esports racing competition, and here are all the details.

Photo credit: VCO / iRacing

Returning in December 2021 is the VCO Cup of Nations, an esports racing tournament which pits nation-based teams against one another in iRacing. Organisers VCO are teaming up with Williams Esports to develop the contest. Along with the Cup itself, there will also be a qualifying competition dubbed the Road to the Cup of Nations, in which players will battle it out for the right to represent their country in the real thing!

In the first Cup of Nations, which featured the fastest esports racing has to offer, it was Germany led by Team Redline driver Maximilian Benecke who claimed victory. This contest was very close-fought, with France ending up just six points away from Germany’s winning total. More recently there was the VCO Cup of Nations Pro, which was held in February of 2021 and pitted real-world professional racing drivers against one another, it was team Australia that emerged victorious, beating out the Netherlands and Spain by a comfortable margin.

Format and Prize Pool

The tournament itself will start with the qualifying rounds which will consist of two time attacks. Four drivers will then be selected for each of the 16 nations which will comprise the grid. These rosters and the teams themselves will be revealed in early November.

When it comes to the Cup of Nations itself, there are two parts: the group stages and then the finals. The group stages will take place on 4 December, with the finals following straight after on 5 December. The cars and circuits which will be used for the races are to be kept secret from fans and drivers alike until the morning of the event, so as to put the adaptability of the drivers to the test.

Each team will be fighting not only for the right to claim their position as the fastest nation in iRacing, but also for their share of the sizable $25,000 prize pool! This is a significant rise from the first Cup of Nations prize pool, which put £4,000 (around $5,500) up for grabs.

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