VCO INFINITY: 24 races in 24 hours

VCO INFINITY: 24 races in 24 hours


One 24-hour-long race is already difficult enough for drivers, so imagine how tricky it would be to have 24 races in that time! VCO are doing just that, with their new INFINITY event.

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From 7-8 May, VCO will be hosting an event like no other. In the ultimate test of endurance for esports racers, 40 teams will field five drivers in 24 races over 24 hours on iRacing, competing for $5,000 in prize money.

VCO’s own hosted events have solidified them as a creative and original presence in the world of esports racing event organisation, with the likes of the Cup of Nations and ProSIM Series putting them on the map. They then followed that up with the multi-platform Esports Racing World Cup and Esports Racing League.

Now they’ve added their unique flair to the 24 hour race format, completely flipping the concept on its head.

How will it work?

VCO INFINITY will feature 24 races of 45 minutes in length with a five minute lone qualifying session preceeding all of them to determine each grid. There will be five different types of car for all team’s drivers to compete in which will be announced on 11 April, and then a selection of five different tracks to make up all 24 races, all of which will be confirmed on 5 May.

This event format takes strong inspiration from the first running of the Le Mans Esports Series Super Final in 2019. That event had nine races of varying lengths within a continuous 24 hour period, each in very differing cars and on different tracks with the first eight acting as a way to build up a points buffer which would translate into a headstart for the final race. Then the winner of that final race would be determined as champion.

However the INFINITY event will be a much more straightforward affair with the team who has accumulated the most points after all 24 races are over being declared the winner.

How to follow

The teams will be announced on 10 April and the event will run from 7pm CEST on 7 May to the same time the following day 8 May. It will be broadcast on VCO’s official YouTube and Twitch channels.

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