Most Played Racing Games On Steam In November 2023 WRC 7
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Most Played Racing Games On Steam In November 2023

With the final month of the year upon us, it is time to take a look at the most played racing games on Steam in November 2023. The list contains a very suprising entry.

Note: While iRacing is available on Steam as well, its numbers are not representative as most players acces the sim through its own UI. As a result, its statistics are not included in this article.

Ever since taking the top spot in September, has remained in pole position. The sandbox driving sim with softbody physics may have suffered a slight hit in average players, but still remains in front by a decisive margin.

The other two podium steps go to Forza Horizon 5 and Assetto Corsa, just like in October. Behind them, some shuffling has occurred, but nothing major has changed. F1 23 saw an increase in players as the season wound down in Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi, setting a new all-time peak in the Process. Meanwhile, the Payback, Heat and Unbound entries into the Need For Speed series all increased their average player counts by at least 40 percent.

WRC 7 Steals The Rally Thunder

Meanwhile, EA Sports WRC debuted after its launch in early November. The rally title posted okay, but not overwhelming numbers for its first month, peaking at almost 4000 concurrent players. The rally thunder went to a very suprising title, though.

It was not a direct KT Racing-developed predecessor who took the spotlight, with WRC 9, WRC 10 and WRC Generations all slotting in below our cut-off of 250 average players. In fact, WRC 7 shot through the roof, posting a new all-time peak of 5032 concurrent players. The previous record was 1034 – an almost unbelievable increase. The average player count was not as high, though, with WRC 7 clocking in at 791.5. Its extremely low Sale price likely helped matters.

Other record peaks were set by Trackmania at 21864 concurrent players (1757.3 on average) and Automobilista 2, which went up to 1666 (average: 442.9) following the release of its latest update to v1.5.3.

Steam: List Of Most Played Racing Games in November 2023

TitleAvg. PlayersPeakGain %
Forza Horizon 58922.7248192.45
Assetto Corsa8017.416763-1.87
Forza Horizon 45068.51938826.13
F1 234198.81443266.56
Need for Speed Heat3007.8705240.29
Assetto Corsa Competizione2403.157174.56
CarX Drift Racing Online2163.444144.13
My Summer Car1474.1367557.42
MX Bikes1393.72811-26.82
EA Sports WRC1256.439600
Need for Speed Unbound1115.7336151.22
Need For Speed Payback1017.93236121.95
F1 Manager 2023988.11947-12.57
Forza Motorsport963.61837-56.03
Dirt Rally 2.0953.72132-11.52
F1 22821.21825-17.23
WRC 7791.550321482.1
Disney Speedstorm752.21526-63.54
Asphalt 9 Legends693.51165-7.32
rFactor 2575.515350.81
The Crew 2514.11045-24.2
Automobilista 2442.9166619.8
RIDE 4283.9931-17.33
F1 Manager 2022280.6570-18.75
Most Played Racing Games on Steam in November 2023 (cap at 250 avg. players; top values in bold)

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