Episode 38 | Andrea Basilio

Episode 38 | Andrea Basilio

Moto GP 21

Andrea Basilio from Milestone joins Nitro Nights to discuss the newly-released MotoGP 21.

In this week’s episode of Nitro Nights, Steffi chats to a game design manager at Milestone, Andrea Basilio. Following the release of MotoGP 21 on 22 April, there is nobody better to provide an early insight into the game and the novel features that made it into the latest instalment of the popular motorcycle series.

Taking things a step further

Andrea has plenty of experience working on motorcycle games, having previously been involved in Ride, MXGP and previous iterations of the MotoGP series. He reveals to Steffi that each new game brings the challenge of progressing two aspects in particular: the “faithfulness of the experience” and the “accessibility of the title”.

With MotoGP 21, the aim was to appeal to a wide range of gamers, from casual to hardcore players. In this respect, the new title saw the introduction of many new features, such as a Long Lap Penalty and ‘bike retrieval’. Along with improved graphics and bike handling that is “more believable and understandable”, these tweaks are intended to take the game to an unprecedented level in terms of realism.

When one Andrea just isn’t enough

In addition to hearing from a developer, it’s also crucial to get feedback from a player’s perspective to know whether the game fulfils its goals. For this, Steffi also speaks to another Andrea – MotoGP eSport world champion, Andrea ‘AndrewZh’ Saveri.

The Italian reveals that he had a “good feeling” from the very first moment that he hit the track. He praises the feel in the braking phase and particularly while cornering, as it allows the rider to be much “smoother”. There are no things about the game that the champ particularly dislikes. However, he would like to see the addition of dynamic weather – and indeed, this feature is expected to be added at a later date.

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