Is MotoGP 21 worthy of the hype?

Is MotoGP 21 worthy of the hype?

Moto GP 21

The release of MotoGP 21 is here! Our review reveals if the new features, gameplay and graphics are a step up from the previous version.

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Today’s the day that motorbike fans everywhere have been counting down to – the release of MotoGP 21 ! But does the new title from Milestone live up to the hype? And ultimately, should you dip your hand in your pocket and purchase it? Luckily for you, our review can answer all these questions and a host of others besides. So check it out!

Does it nail the basics?

The MotoGP series has always prided itself on life-like gameplay and outstanding graphics, and this new version is no exception. As expected, the gameplay is extremely precise and intuitive with the controller. Yes, the steep initial learning curve for newbies has also made it into this year’s edition – but for fans of real biking motorsports, that’s exactly what you want.

Graphically, not too much has changed compared to last year. There are a few new shadow and light effects, and the presentation has been slightly reworked, but overall, the differences compared to MotoGP 20 are subtle. This isn’t a criticism though, as the basis was excellent to begin with.

New features

MotoGP 21 ticks the boxes for the most important points – but what’s actually new in the game? Well, the Long Lap Penalty has finally made it to the game. On each track there is then an extra-long curve that has to be taken at low speed if you commit a misdemeanour such as jumping the start. It’s a pretty cool innovation that actually works quite well.

Then there’s the main new addition to the MotoGP game – the so-called “bike retrieval”. Instead of the rider magically reappearing on the bike again after an accident like in previous versions, you now have to quickly run to your bike and mount it to keep on racing. On paper, this actually sounds pretty fun – it increases the level of realism and punishes careless riding. But you’ll have to find out in the review whether or not it is successful in practice.

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