MotoGP 21: How to tackle Career Mode

MotoGP 21: How to tackle Career Mode

Moto GP 21

Career mode in MotoGP 21 sees you become a rider and team manager. Check out our guide to get the best start possible.

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The career mode is the heart of the newly released MotoGP 21 game. It takes players on a journey not only on-track, but off it too, as they manage their own racing team. As with any career mode there are many aspects to consider, and it can seem overwhelming at first. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a guide to help you avoid the pitfalls and get you on the path to success.

Decisions, decisions…

As with other career modes in games such as F1 and FIFA, the first hurdle that you are faced with is deciding which classification to start off with. Although the temptation to head straight for the MotoGP class is huge, we suggest starting with Moto2 or even Moto3 instead. These bikes are slower, which should help you learn the mechanics of the game and the tracks easier. They also lack electronic aids, so you can focus more on the purity of the handling.

The next key decision comes with selecting your “Riding style”. There are six to choose from, and they have a large impact on the handling of your bike. ‘Shoulder out’ and ‘Body out’ are the favourites among pro players and after testing them all out, our preference lies with ‘Body out’. However, you should see which one suits your riding style best.

Selecting a manager

The manager is responsible for everything regarding your contract, negotiations with other teams and ensuring you are striking the best deal possible. Like in many other games they are ranked by a rating from A to C. It’s worth weighing up their various strengths and weaknesses before making a final decision. But you’re not done yet – there’s still bike upgrades to consider. And more personnel to hire. There’s a mountain of aspects to consider – but you’re in safe hands with our detailed guide. So check it out!

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