Master the new MotoGP 21 with tips from a world champion!

Master MotoGP 21 with tips from a champion!

Moto GP 21

MotoGP 21 is now available! Learn how to get started with MotoGP eSport champion Andrea “AndrewZh” Saveri.

Photo credit: OverTake / Milestone

MotoGP is a game series which spawns a new offspring every year. Although the games revolve around the same racing series, there are always new things to learn and nuisances of gameplay to master. In our tutorial video with 2019 MotoGP eSport champion AndrewZH, you’ll learn to master the basics in no time!

Don’t skip the tutorial

Yeah, we know, the urge to just skip any tutorial is greater than the need for a cool beverage during an unusually hot summer day. But you need to trust a world champion when they tell you to play the tutorial! Although tutorials are often a tedious affair, MotoGP 21 does a great job introducing the various mechanics of the game in a fun way.

Even if you have already played MotoGP 20 or an earlier version, each new iteration introduces novel features that change the game drastically. Take for instance the Long Penalty Lap or Bike Retrieval. Both features haven’t been in any other game of the series yet, so to get familiar with these, best head to the tutorial.

Shift manually and turn the assists off

Despite the obvious attraction of turning on auto shifting and cruising around for a while, AndrewZH explicitly advises against this. The earlier you get used to shifting yourself, the better. This might be challenging at first, but giving it a little time bears great rewards. Also, while it’s okay to drive with assists initially, you should soon consider turning them off one by one. This will teach you how to ride properly, and poses a small, fun challenge every time you do so.

Of course, our pro rider also explains other crucial new features of MotoGP 21: AndrewZh talks about new tracks and how they work for beginners, as well as the updated career mode which now boasts Moto2 and Moto3 classes besides MotoGP. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the video to learn more about getting started in MotoGP 21 !

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