The big showdown: MotoGP 20 vs 21

The big showdown: MotoGP 20 vs 21

Moto GP 21

New textures, improved graphics and roaring engines. All that and more have improved with Milestone’s newest fit.

Photo credit: MotoGP 21

New is always better. Or is it? Yearly game series often shine by evolving. Sometimes the difference between the games can be a minor change to some. But is that the case with the MotoGP franchise? We have looked at how MotoGP 21 and his older brother compare to each other.

Grasshoppers and Sun-rays

To change the game’s overall appearance, numerous things have found a new life in MotoGP 21. Texture updates to grass and rain have brought some much-needed life into the sometimes empty environment of the race tracks. In 2021, there is a particular love for details, which was slightly neglected in MotoGP 20. However, due to the upped requirements, the new game needs some extra power to run properly. That’s why lower spec PCs might not be able to produce all the mentioned differences.

What shows this year is the implementation of the Unreal Engine 4 into MotoGP. While ray tracing is still not a thing, the lighting, in general, has massively improved. The reflections and calculations of sunlight are more realistic than ever and add even more flavour to the madness of bike racing. A byproduct of these improvements is a more detailed shadow model. MotoGP 20 relied on basic shadows that moved minimally. Now, realism is the focal point. The shadows twist and bend depending on how the sun’s location and which point of the corner you pass.

Not rocket science but physics

The biggest improvement in the gameplay department comes with an overhauled physics update. If you want to know more about these changes, look at our latest tutorial with MotoGP eSport world champion Andrea ‘AndrewZh’ Saveri.


Driving in corners has been reworked, and you can see the bike behaving much differently. Considering that all the other changes have seen upgrades in lighting and such, suddenly riding into the sunset is a whole new experience in MotoGP. This change is indeed more prevalent in the gameplay but also influences the overall appearance.

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