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MotoGP 21 is the official game of the real-life motorcycle championship, which is also named MotoGP. It features all the classes and riders from the real world and is thus a must-have for fans. But not only motorcycle fanatics will have their fun with this. MotoGP 21 offers even for newcomers to the sport something to enjoy.

Not only does the game boast the original motorcycle league's licensing but also fun game play elements. In the career mode you advance from Moto3 to Moto2 to MotoGP, managing your team as well in between the races. The multiplayer is quite challenging, too, which is little surprising as MotoGP boasts a healthy esports scene.

Scores reflect the ratings for the PS5 version on metacritic.
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    PC, PS4, Xbox One
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    Milestone Srl
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    Milestone Srl
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