Nebraska and Arkansas DLC previewed for American Truck Simulator
Images: SCS Software

Nebraska and Arkansas DLC previewed for American Truck Simulator

When one DLC expansion isn’t enough, SCS Software is working on two simultaneously for American Truck Simulator: Nebraska and Arkansas are on the way, while new steering wheels are available now. 

The continuous development continues for one of Steam’s most-played driving games, with a deluge of additional content in development for American Truck Simulator. 

This week, developer SCS Software has delved further into two previously discussed environment expansions, with a slew of fresh in-sim images. 

Truck Stops in Nebraska 

In August of last year, the Nebraska map expansion for American Truck Simulator was formally announced, and since then there has been a steady flow of new information and work-in-progress images released. 

Nebraska American Truck Simulator fuel station
Nebraska, American Truck Simulator. Image: SCS Software

The state is home to over 1.9 million people, right in the middle of the USA. It is also home to the vast flatlands known as the Great Plains, where you’ll find bison. Certainly, plenty of miles to traverse in a truck, delivering items to farmers. 

There will be over 30 truck stops within the new environment, a mixture of large international brands and smaller, more local, fuelling areas – the latter the developer claims will feature “limited manoeuvring space.” 

Nebraska American Truck Simulator stop
Nebraska, American Truck Simulator stop. Image: SCS Software

As ever, the SCS Software team appears to have captured the minutiae of the area, but we’ll see if that’s carried across into the final product… well, we’re not sure. A release date is not yet announced, but we hope for a launch sometime in 2024. 

The Cities of Arkansas 

From the centre of the United States to the south, as Arkansas is also amid development for the popular simulation. 

This expansion was unveiled as a project in September of last year, with the region known for hiking trails in the Ozarks and for those outside of the USA, tricky pronunciation. The American equivalent of Towcester, in nomenclature terms, anyway… 

American Truck Simulator Arkansas Jonesboro
Jonesboro, Arkansas, American Truck Simulator. Image: SCS Software

Four cities that are part of this upcoming DLC have been showcased in newly published images: Texarkana, Harrison, Jonesboro and Pine Bluff. 

Texarkana lives up to its name – a portmanteau of Texas Arkansas and close by Louisiana, the city is split in two across state lines, so to visit it fully, you’ll need both the Arkansas DLC and the existing Texas DLC. 

American Truck Simulator Arkansas Harrison
Harrison, Arkansas, American Truck Simulator. Image: SCS Software

Harrison, meanwhile, is said to feature beverage-production warehouses on the outskirts, Jonesboro a rice processing facility and Pine Bluff the Saracen Lake. 

Again, there’s no release date presently. Of note, the Texas expansion was released in November 2022 and Oklahoma in August 2023. 

Steering Creations DLC Pack Update 

Meanwhile, available now, for those who own the Steering Creations Pack add-on, there are 25 new truck steering wheel designs. 

All are based on the real-world company’s 2024 catalogue, including contemporary and retro designs. The update brings the total range included to 50 and now provides the option to select from both 18” or 20” sizes across all options. 

The DLC is priced at £2.49/€2.99/$2.99 with 50 per cent off until 22nd January. 

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Source: SCS Software