Major Updates coming to RaceRoom

Major Updates coming to RaceRoom


Several things seem to be happening all at once when it comes to RaceRoom, and it’s hard to say what exactly is going on. Here is what we do know.

Photo credit: Sector 3 Studios

Something is going down over in RaceRoom world. Servers suddenly going down for maintenance, new cars and partnerships being announced on YouTube, and a change in name for the developers seems to be in the offing as well. Here’s everything we know about the situation so far.

Ferrari Joins the Party

Released today, January 27 on the Sector 3 YouTube channel is an announcement that the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 will be making its way into the game as part of the upcoming DTM car pack, which will see the 2021 DTM field realised in game.

Not only that, but a partnership between the developers and Ferrari themselves has also been revealed. This ought to mean more Ferrari related content coming to the platform in the near future.

One matter that is up for debate is whether or not the arrival of this new Ferrari indicates that other members of the 2021 DTM field might also make their way into the game soon. Cars such as the McLaren 720s or the Lamborghini Huracan may well be next in line. It seems probable that the developers at least intend to add these to the game soon along with the Ferrari to help fill up their 2021 DTM roster.

A New Update

At the start of the day on 27 January, the RaceRoom servers went down for a few hours, leading to speculation about what work was going on behind the scenes. All of these questions have now been answered, as the game has just received an update which revamps the P1 and p2 physics models, as well as making a number of other, smaller changes. In their Discord server, the developers hinted that the update also brought changes which were “preparations for upcoming releases and events”.

A New Name?

Not only has there been confusion regarding the servers and the Ferrari announcement, but there has also been a mysterious facebook notification which was sent out announcing that Sector 3 had changed their name to KW studios. The name of the Facebook page has changed, but at the time of writing the company is still referred to as Sector 3 elsewhere. Perhaps this is an indicator of some major changes ahead?

Sector 3 is owned by KW Automotive, a car parts manufacturer based in Germany, who are also the owners of Simbin Studios UK. Simbin were the initial developers behind RaceRoom, and in 2017 they announced that they were working on a new game, GTR3. This game was intended to be a follow up from their 2006 game GTR2, but development has taken rather longer than many people expected or hoped for.

Perhaps the arrival of KW Studios might suggest a merger taking place between Sector 3 and Simbin, possible so that more resources can be dedicated to creating GTR3. Or perhaps it’s a simple name change for Sector 3 and Simbin aren’t involved. If this is the case, it’s possible that it signifies greater resources being given to the development of RaceRoom. Whatever the case, something is certainly afoot.

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