GTR 4 at Hockenheim

New RaceRoom Ranked Schedule


KW Studios has released their new ranked schedule for RaceRoom. With a multitude of daily races across three different classes, start your career in the rookie servers and work your way up the competitive ladder.

NSU TTS at Portimao.

How Ranked Works

Raceroom uses a common ELO-based ranking system to categorize users. Every account will start at 1500 ELO which fluctuates depending on your results in the races. Your reputation ranking is also a major factor in the level of race you will be entered into. Crash too much, and you will find yourself in a lower split. Race cleanly and fairly, and you will fly up the competition ladder.

The third aspect of your rating is the activity score which is generated from how active a player is in ranked servers. Peaking at 5, the activity level is purely a spectrum to determine how active certain players are and grouping them in ranked servers where possible.

Raceroom Ranked Requirments

AM races require a minimum of 75 Reputation points to enter, whereas Pro servers require a minimum reputation of 80. The featured events are also laid out in the same way, meaning you will have to have obtained a minimum of an AM license to compete in the two open setup races.

The ranking system in Raceroom rewards consistency and a high quantity of races completed. Whilst not as complex as a sim like iRacing, Raceroom has a game-changing update in the works. Take a look at what the update has in store here or in the video below.

Image Credit: KW Studios

Rookie And AM+ Class

Audi Sport Cup TT 2015/16 – Zandvoort GP 2019

NSU TTS – Portimao (GP)

AM Class – 78

Porsche Carerra Cup DE 23 – Donington (National)

GTR 3 – Suzuka (GP)

GTR 3/Mazda DPI – Silverstone (GP)

Pro Class – 85

GTR 4 – Hockenheimring

Praga Cup – Silverstone GP

Let us know if you are going to give Raceroom’s new ranked races a try over on our X @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!

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