Rennsport Singapore Track Porsche 911 GT3 R Hockenheim
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Rennsport To Add Singapore Track – But How Exactly?


A recent Tweet hinted at a Rennsport Singapore expansion, but where is the sim actually going? Another Twitter post leaves room for lots of speculation.

Rennsport has expanded its content with the beta 1.6 update in late November, bringing Daytona and Road Atlanto the sim. Just as the calendar turned to December, an emoji-only Tweet suggested that a circuit in Singapore would come soon. There is no permanent race track in the country, so it could only be the Marina Bay Street Circuit that Formula One visits annually, right?

You would think so, but apparently, that is not the case. Another Tweet denied that the circuit is not going to be in the next update, but “a racetrack around Singapore” would still be available. A new track trailer dropping within the week should clear things up. But the semi-acrostic does leaves a lot of room for speculation until then. What could the next Rennsport track actually be?

Rennsport Singapore: The Totally-Not Marina Bay Circuit?

With the Marina Bay Circuit being the only racing track in the country, real-life alternatives are out of the question. However, as street circuits tend to be, well, public streets, it could be the circuit that first hosted the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008 after all. Of course, to actually call it the Marina Bay Circuit, Rennsport would likely have to have a license.

However, it would not be the first time that a circuit laid out exclusively on public roads appeared in a sim under a different name. Automobilista 2 comes to mind due to its Azure Circuit, or rFactor 2 with the similarly-named Circuit d’Azure – which is, of course, the Monaco Grand Prix track. Could this be the approach for Rennsport, maybe with a slightly outdated layout? The track was updated for the 2023 GP after all, bypassing the former Turn 16 to 19 complex.

Marina Bay’s new-for-2023 layout. Image credit:

Fictional Layout?

A less-chosen path in sim racing, a fictional track in Singapore could also be an option. The main island features plenty of roads – over 9,500 kilometers, to be precise. This allows for plenty of design freedom, for example in the enormous harbor of the island state. One of its two public airports could also be incorporated. Plus, Singapore is quite a scenic place, with both modern architecture and beautiful nature potentially making for great backdrops.

The Rennsport Closed Beta already includes one fictional track, although that self-admittedly is basically there for the memes. The 8ETA circuit was added in August of 2023, alongside the implementation of a new damage model. Of course, it is not exactly a location for serious competition.

Singapore offers a variety of scenic views, as observed at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. Image credit: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

Malaysian Curveball?

This entry is a long shot as the Singapore flag emoji would have been deliberately misleading if it was true. But the “around Singapore” wording in the second Tweet could be interpreted as “close to” and not “in” Singapore. Again, the focus on Singapore would hardly make sense in this case, but who knows if sim racers are in for a curveball.

The only country that could really be considered to be “around”, as in “close to”, Singapore is Malaysia. Divided by the Straits of Johor, Malaysia is pretty much just across the river from Singapore. Of course, the country is home to the Sepang International Circuit, which hosted the Malaysian Grand Prix from 1999 to 2017.

The track located near Kuala Lumpur is also hosting endurance events like the Sepang 12 Hours. This includes GT3 cars, which are the current main focus of the Rennsport content list. Reactions to the second Singapore Tweet also brought up the circuit, unlikely as it may be.

Update – 13th December 2023

The Rennsport Discord server has shared a black and white, deliberately obfuscated, teaser clip. It shows Porsche 911 (992) GT3 Cup cars racing around a street track that’s not instantly identifiable as an existing venue. The file name reads ‘SIN 15/12 18:30.01’.

Again, we think this points to a Singaporean venue and 15th December for the reveal alongside a beta update. Place your guesses in the comments below.

Rennsport track teaser, December 2023

What do you think Rennsport is going to add regarding Singapore? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!

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