Rennsport - Community-Created Orchard Road Street Circuit Arrives In 1.7 Update
Rennsport - Community-Created Orchard Road Street Circuit Arrives In 1.7 Update

Rennsport: Community-Created Orchard Road Street Circuit Arrives In 1.7 Update


The nascent sim racing platform, Rennsport, has added what it calls its first “community featured” circuit to the closed beta.

Back in June, at the inaugural ESL R1 major final in Munich, the Rennsport team showcased some modded content within an early build. They talked about building a set of tools for users to create new tracks, or even import them from other titles.

Showcasing this within a controlled environment is one thing, but now it seems as if the closed beta (yes, codes are still a lottery and not the most plentiful thing on earth) will receive the first example of such a process.

Orchard Road Street Circuit will launch alongside a 1.7 update for those with access next week – a fictional track based in a real-world location that was originally created as an Assetto Cosa mod by Legion Of Racers.

Back in 2021, it was used for an E-Cities esports competition and then again for the HyperDrive Cities Championship. It is available to download via RaceDepartment for AC.

To create this latest version, Rennsport has again worked with originators Legion Of Racers, which has brought the circuit into Unreal Engine 5 and tweaked it in collaboration with the platform developers.

Orchard Road Street Circuit Rennsport Beta

In Rennsport parlance, this process is ‘community featured’. How straightforward it was remains to be seen, nevertheless, this appears to be a notable mod milestone.

“You still need to work your way around Unreal and know a few things about 3D modelling”, said modder Nukedrop to RaceDepartment earlier this year about the potential Rennsport process.

“You could say it is the same amount of work, but you end with a way better finished product,” he said when comparing to Assetto Corsa.

“Our partnership with Legion of Racers is a very exciting one, so expect content to be a result of this,” reads the Rennsport statement of the latest addition.

The skyscraper-strewn 3.2km venue follows the likes of Road Atlanta and Daytona International Speedway to the testbed, which now also includes TCR vehicles. LMDh vehicles are also expected later.

Holiday Leagues

Alongside the latest track addition, a new league system will be implemented. These will be held between 20th-23rd December and then again between 27th-30th December for those with beta access.

Races will be at the following times on those dates:

  • 19:00 FWD
  • 20:00 Porsche Cup GT3
  • 21:00 Masters of GT3
  • 22:00 Derby

Points are awarded based upon a ‘strength of field’ system that accounts for your finishing position, the average Rennsport Rating in your split and the number of players. The maximum number of points you can achieve is 10 per cent of the SoF, scaling down throughout the field.

Orchard Road Street Circuit, Rennsport, Singapore

At the end of each league season, winners will be gifted a car, which is unique to them via the EVIN system – assigning a unique virtual VIN and stat tracking such as kilometres driven tied to your account. How these are implemented, or dare we say traded, further down the line remains to be seen.

Then, from 11th January 2024, the league system will be a permanent fixture within the closed beta, with entry requirements based on your Rennsport Rating and Safety Rating. The following categories will be available:

  • Beginner League
  • Amateur League
  • Semi-Pro League
  • Praga Cup
  • Derby League

Patch Notes And Roadmap To Follow

Full patch notes for the 1.7 beta update – hopefully, we see some physics tweaks – will be released alongside the new content on Monday 18th December 2023. Two new liveries will also be added. The first is earned by completing an online race, and the second by winning an online race.

A roadmap of planned updates throughout 2024 is set to be announced ‘early’ next year.

What do you think about existing mods being placed into Unreal Engine 5 and the Rennsport Closed Beta? Are you waiting for a key? Let us know on X, @OverTake_gg, or in the comments below.