24h Le Mans goes virtual this weekend

rFactor 2

Pilots from real and digital motorsports will be racing side by side.

Teaser Source: 24h Le Mans Virtual

The 24h Le Mans, one of the most prestigious and notorious racing events of all times, has been postponed to September 19-20 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, endurance race fans don’t have to be sad. The event will additionally take place as a virtual edition on its original date June 13-14.

The who is who of both worlds

Due to highly official support as well as an interesting and diverse starting field, every fan who loves racing should mark this period in his calendar. Each team will consist of a minimum of two real world drivers and one or two racing veterans from different games.

Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Max Verstappen or Katherine Legge are only a few of the stars participating. They will represent the field of real motorsports alongside veterans like Juan Pablo Montoya or Rubens Barrichello. For the sim racing scene, well-known drivers like James Baldwin, Rudy van Buren, David Tonizza or Jimmy Broadbent will hit the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Virtual doublepack

The sim racing platform rFactor 2 will be the stage for the first Le Mans virtual event. According to the organizers, the game was chosen because of its most complete endurance race experience. Dynamic daytime, weather changes as well as swapping drivers during the race and other pit stop related aspects will be fully simulated.

iRacing will also hold its annual 24h Le Mans race on June 20-21, but there will be no official support for this event.

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