How to set up rFactor 2 with Ermin Hamidovic

How to set up rFactor 2 with Ermin Hamidovic

rFactor 2

Settings make perfect – our tutorial teaches you how to fine-tune rFactor 2 into the ideal racing sim.

Photo credit: rFactor 2 on Steam

As great a racing game as it may be: rFactor 2 can be a tricky simulation to get into. While the game looks stunning and provides an outstanding driving experience, a lot of its true potential can only unfold with the right in-game settings – and getting those correct can really be a handful, especially if you’re new to the game. However, if you want to commit and learn a few tips and tricks about the popular sim, we have just the thing for you. To help get you all set, we invited rFactor 2 pro Ermin Hamidovic to show you exactly which boxes to check.

How to become a coder and save your arms

The first thing you want to take a look at when arriving in the start screen of rFactor 2 is the graphics. This is the most self-explanatory part of our journey through the maze of settings: Depending on the power of your set up, choose the highest possible frame and refresh rates, turn post effects on, max out the resolution and so on. Easy, right?

Moving on, it gets a little more substantial. A vital part of rFactor 2 is its accurate, but arguably a tad too intense force feedback. And by “too intense” we mean that your steering wheel might very well jerk your arms around in a wild fury if you enter the race unprepared. So save yourself the sore muscles and jump into the smoothing setting to tune it down a bit – this will spare you some trouble while still enabling an impressive performance.

The technical settings are only the beginning – there are still various parameters to adjust for the actual races. In the “sessions” category, you determine the phases of your training – from warm-up, to qualifying, and the race itself. For offline racers, the AI opponent settings are also highly relevant. Besides the evident options in the in-game menu, Ermin has some extra tips on how to fine-tune AI aggression and skill level in the coding section of the actual game. While meddling with the codes seems like an advanced way to adjust settings, it can also take your gameplay experience to a whole new level. If you’re interested and want to do it right, listen closely to Ermin in our tutorial.

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