New build makes BMW M2 more realistic
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New build makes BMW M2 more realistic

More realism, better graphics: In build 1117, the Studio 397 made a few changes to the BMW M2 and Porsche 991. They also improved the visibility on the Nürburgring and updated the materials of the McLaren open wheelers.

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In the new build published on February 17, the developers adjusted the BMW M2 C2 to make it more realistic. One of the things they changed was to soften the steering links to reduce vibration, lower the centre of gravity, and readjust the dampers. The vehicle should now feel closer to its real counterpart.

New visuals for McLaren open wheelers

Another nice change are the improved visuals of the McLaren open wheelers, more specifically the MP4/8, MP4/13, and M23.

Patch notes:

BMW M2 CS Racing v1.39
• Slightly softer steering links to reduce vibration
• Slightly lower centre of gravity to match the data
• Tweaked differential locks and preload (higher)
• New default front camber set to -3.0 deg
• Readjusted dampers
• Reduced the bounciness over curbs
• Fixed opponent classes filtering. Each class can now be run separately, single player and multiplayer.

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup v1.31
• Fixed opponent classes filtering. Each class can now be run separately, single player and multiplayer.

Nürburgring Nordschleife (2018) v1.51
• Adjusted fog and haze settings for more visibility.

Broadcast Overlays
In other news, this past couple of weeks we have also been hard at work on revamping the broadcast overlays. Hopefully we will have something to share real soon. More on that next week!

Changelog New UI Public Beta
• Fixed micro stutters in the new UI, that were more prominent in VR.
• Added network settings in the UI options.
• Fixed a memory leak while in tuning/showroom
• Added new showroom full screen mode, side bar will auto-hide when lock icon is released.

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