rFactor 2 announces new €25,000 esports series

rFactor 2 announces new €25,000 esports series

rFactor 2

Formula Series 2021 is the name of the exciting new esports competition on rFactor 2. Here is all the information we know about Formula Pro and Formula Challenge.

Photo credit: Studio 397

Studio 397, the developers behind rFactor 2, have just announced an all-new esports series that they will be running on the sim. The Formula Series 2021, split up into the Formula Pro Series and the Formula Challenge Series, will begin on 19 July with the first race at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

Formula Pro

According to Studio 397, the Formula Series events will resemble the GT Pro and GT Challenge series, and it will be a recurring series with multiple seasons. Formula Pro will be the top series, with established esports teams and drivers being invited to participate. There are also open applications for the remaining slots in the top tier.

Formula Pro races will take place every other Monday, and there will be six rounds in total. The first of these is Spa in Belgium, which will be followed by an a-list line-up of circuits including Indianapolis and Silverstone.

Races will take 60 minutes, and they will involve mandatory tyre stops for all drivers. Before the races comes qualifying, and each qualifying session will be 20 minutes long, with each driver getting the opportunity to set only two flying laps. There will be an overall $25,000 in prize money up for grabs, giving the drivers plenty of incentive to go for it!

Formula Challenge

Along with the Formula Pro Series, there will also be a Formula Challenge Series beneath it. Drivers will be able to qualify for Formula Challenge through the Competition System, and they will then be separated into different splits according to their pace.

Formula Challenge races will take place every other Friday, following the same overall calendar as Formula Pro. The first race will accordingly take place on 23 July at Spa. While there is no prize money up for grabs here, drivers can use Formula Challenge to prove themselves to the Formula Pro teams in an effort to move up to the top level.

The Car

rFactor 2 will get a whole new car for the Formula Series 2021. The exact identity and look of the car have not yet been revealed, but there are some specifications that Studio 397 have been kind enough to provide. The full car will be shown on 30 June.

The cars will weigh 680kg, but the effective weight will rise up to 2,400kg when the downforce is taken into account. Dragging this mass around the circuits will be an 800HP engine which is limited to 18,000rpm. In effect, the car will probably be much like a Formula 1 car, and it will certainly be a single seater monster!

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